“Mynavi Global Agent” is a human resource referral service for “Global Human Resources Specialist” that introduces students working in job placement activities to companies. Individual contingent fee-based services for oversea students residing in Japan, Japanese students residing in Japan and overseas, and foreign college students (non-Japanese).
Please use the “Mynavi Global Agent” to respond to the requests and concerns regarding recruitment of global human resources, such as recruiting foreign science students, selecting foreign students who can speak particular languages, and compensating for the quota of applicants who have declined employment offers. We will ensure that the best global human resources for companies are employed at a minimum cost without imposing a burden on them.


Introduction of job openings not posted on job information websites

Mynavi Global Agent Placement introduces private job openings that are not disclosed on employment sites such as minus-navi. Mynavi job openings are available only from Mynavi Global Agent that are appropriate for you, so please actively utilize them.

Simple registration enables job-hunting wherever they are!

Utilizing the extraordinary nomination frame from minus navigation makes it easier to apply.
You can register at the destination of your study or at your home, and can receive job offers.
For those who are unable to find a job in Japan due to the hurdle of distance from Japan
Please register.

Increase passing ability!

In addition to introducing job information that meets your needs,
We will also provide advice on how to write resumes and interview them.
We can increase the passing power by receiving support!


This is a service for global human resources who want to work in Japan.
If you are anxious about working conditions and employment expertise in Japan, or if you want to be introduced to a non-public job seeker who is a foreign student or Japanese student, please use the ” Mynavi Global Agent ”


Applying for Mynavi Global Agent
Telephone interview or videophone or face-to-face registration
Submit of additional information and application for job openings
Multiple screening and interviews
Informal job offers and employment